Hwee-Fong YONG

Hwee-Fong YONG

Honorary Chairperson

Chairperson Welcome Note

Dear Valued Members,
On behalf of the 2023-2024 Management Committee, I thank you for voting us to serve you in the 2-year term.
Back on Track
With the easing of Safe Management Measures Nation wide in later half of 2022, the Chapter had sized the opportunity to resume as many face-to-face activities for members to strengthen relationships and rapport built before the pandemic disrupted our lives.
Backed by prudent spending, the Chapter’s overall financial standing remains healthy. The overall membership figures in 2022 had been good as well.
Opportunities awaits 
In 2023, the Management Committee will be on active lookout for collaborations with other Associations to bring forth opportunities to members, may it be expanding network, deepen knowledge and creating career opportunities. Through the Management Committee’s  efforts, we believe will strengthen our presence in the Asia Pacific region.
 Build to last is what every organisation should work towards and ASIS Singpore Chapter Management Committee, past and present, believe in hence we volunteer ourselves to serve. 
To keep the ball rolling, Chapter seeks new blood to join the servant leadership and if you believe in servant leadership WE WANT YOU! Do not hesitate to approach any of the Management Committee Member to lend your hand in this journey.
An Association does not exist if there are no members, hence we seek your feedback to Management Committee to improve. Do not hesitate to approach any of the Management Committee Member to share your views, regardless of the good, the bad and the ugly.
Words of Appreciation
 I wouls like to thank the Management Committee from the past terms for their support that has enabled us to come this far.
I would also like to extend my gratitude to sponsors for their financial support and those who provided pro bono services to the Singapore Chapter. 
I believe that the Singapore Chapter will be ready to seize new opportunities through collaborations to provide members more value as the national progessively exit from the pandemic. 


If there is a need to reach out to me or the Management Committee, pls feel free to email us at chairman@asis-singapore.org.sg


Wishing you good health
Hwee-Fong YONG
ASIS International Singapore Chapter