Special Interest Group – Intelligence Analysis

ASIS Singapore Chapter is pleased to start a Special Interest Group focusing on Intelligence Analysis

We are living in the time where ‘data is the new oil’. Similar to oil, data may not be that useful in its raw stage, its needs processing to become an ‘actionable insight’ for further action. We need to know the source of the data, when we are receiving that data and how relevant it is to our business. What better way to do that, than learning and sharing among the group of individuals who are dealing with data and intelligence in everyday life. With that in mind, ASIS Singapore chapter is extending its Special Interest Group (SIG) to focus on Intelligence Analysis.

The purpose of this group is to set up a forum to gather individuals from the world of Intelligence gathering, analysis and incident management to come together and share their challenges, success stories and experiences. The forum would organize both virtual and physical discussion sessions from time to time for its members.

We encourage all our members who are involved with Intelligence Analysis in their day-to-day job to sign up for this unique focus group and learn from each other.

To sign up please click here.

Looking forward to great participation in the group.

Group leaders & coordinators:

  1. Hwee Fong: + 65 9845 8201
  2. Noriko Takasaki: + 65 9180 5417

Please feel free to get in touch with them if you have any questions.