Charting a course for collaborative excellence! 🤝

ASIS Singapore Chapter joins forces with Security Association Singapore (SAS) and A-CERTS Singapore in a groundbreaking MOU signing ceremony during our AGM & Networking dinner last Friday. Together, we’re forging new pathways in security innovation and knowledge exchange. The event was graced by the presence of Hwee Fong Yong 杨慧芳 BCCS, CIRM, FSM, APP, Tech IOSH, WSHO (Chairperson, ASIS Singapore Chapter), Raj Joshua Thomas(President, SAS) and JOVAN CAI JINFENG (President, A-CERTS)

Security Association Singapore (“SAS”) is the lead trade association representing the security industry in Singapore. Established in 1978, SAS is the first trade association to represent the security and private investigation industry. It now has over 170 members comprising security agencies, training organisations, companies involved in security systems and private investigations.

The Association of Company Emergency Response Teams (Singapore) or “A-CERTS” is established with support from Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF). The Mission of A-CERTS is to promote continual development, professionalism and excellence in the field of Emergency Response & Crisis Management.