Dear ASIS International and Singapore Chapter Members,

I am pleased to share with you on some updates from the Management Committee 2013-2014. In early January, the Management Committee convened in a strategy workshop to do our planning for the year. We looked at the business plan of ASIS International and took into consideration of the focus areas. Our objectives and plans are aligned accordingly with Singapore Chapter specific needs included.

In order to maintain focus in key areas, the following sub-committees have been formed:
1. Professional Development
2. Membership and Communication
3. Social
4. Standards and Governance

A few initiatives that we would like to do in this year will include the following:
1. CPP and PSP review courses
2. Webinar or Members’ presentation
3. Professional Development workshops
4. Site visits
5. Networking events
6. Annual friendly golf game
7. Review of Chapter’s constitution
8. ASIS International standards awareness
9. Members’ survey
10. Enhancement to Chapter’s newsletters

It is important for us that we hear from our members. Please participate in Members’ survey that will be released in near future. The survey will provide inputs to MC on how we can serve our members better. As always, The MC will welcome any feedback and suggestions at our common mailbox.

I am also pleased that the Singapore chapter paid-up members are closing in to 70 members within January. On behalf of the Management Committee, I would like to thank you on prompt renewals. An invitation will be sent out soon for Q1 Networking dinner & Chinese New Year celebration. Members can collect their membership gifts at the event.

I look forward meeting you soon.

Leonard Ong, CPP
Honorary Chairman
ASIS International (Singapore Chapter)