In light of a tragedy that took place at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard yesterday, it reminds us that workplace violence is a day-to-day reality that cannot be ignored. Bill Whitmore, the Chairman, President and CEO of AlliedBarton Security Services, the largest American owned and managed contract security company, wrote this book about workplace violence prevention. Whitmore demonstrates how an organization’s leadership can play a crucial role in preventing workplace violence and some of the steps they can take in developing and implementing a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program. According to Whitmore, every organization has to understand the dynamics, risks and costs to their business. Everyone in an organization is responsible for workplace violence prevention. Educating employees about the signs and symptoms of potential workplace violence threats and creating awareness through training is vital to their prevention program.  

In addition, Whitmore highlights warning signs for an employee who requires intervention, and as leaders we need to make sure all employees understand and recognize the more subtle forms of workplace violence — the warning signs of potentially destructive acts to come — so that everyone can act as eyes and ears to recognize and report unusual behavior. Education and awareness are critical. The daily interactions of co-workers weigh heavily on the ability to identify potential issues before they become disasters.  Hence this book doesn’t just address the far end extreme of gun-related violence that is not really suitable in our Singapore context. 


Danny Chan
Co-Chair, Professional Development Sub-Commitee 2013-2014
ASIS International (Singapore Chapter)