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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, 3rd Edition  
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, 3rd Edition
Timothy D. Crowe, revised by Lawrence J. Fennelly
This book is an ideal resource for security managers, urban planners, and general security and law enforcement professionals responsible for securing localized environments as well as loss and crime prevention.
376 pp., 2013, HCVR
Item No. 2163
$80   $72 members

Personal Security: A Guide for International Travelers  
Emphasizing prevention, the book covers medical, cultural, and political considerations, so you understand exactly what you must do before and while you are abroad.
396 pp., 2013, SCVR
Item No. 2132
$66   $60 members

Protección de Activos: Seguridad Física  
Esta completa fuente aborda todos los aspectos de los sistemas de seguridad física, diseño, análisis e implementación de las funciones de disuasión, detección, demora y respuesta.
570 pág, 2014,
cubierta suave
Arículo No. 2171
$129   $89 socios

Surveillance and Threat Detection: Prevention Versus Mitigation  

Readers will come away with an understanding of how surveillance detection at a high-value, fixed site facility can be integrated into an overall security footprint for any organization.
260 pp., 2014, HCVR
Item No. 2178
$59   $53 members

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