Dear Member,

The Singapore Chapter is pleased to relaunch ASIS International’s Young Professionals (YP) mentorship program to our members.  First launched several years ago, this initiative is in support of HQ’s YP program to develop younger security professionals.

Mentoring consists of a long-term relationship focused on supporting the growth and development of the person being mentored (the mentee).  The mentor is a source of wisdom, teaching, support, and inspiration, who motivates and empowers the mentee to identify his/her own issues and goals.  This program caters to young professionals who are looking to advance into leadership positions or enhancing their skills and knowledge, where an ASIS member (the mentee) is matched with another experienced and willing member (mentor) based on the skills and knowledge which the mentee is seeking.

Both mentor and mentee will work together to enhance the latter’s personal and professional growth, where both parties should, amongst others, be open-minded and accommodating as well as have a certain level of commitment.

If you are either seeking a mentor or would like to help someone on his path, we invite you to fill up this form and we will do our best to match your needs.

Young Professionals Liaison
ASIS International (Singapore Chapter)