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The current challenge of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic is sapping our attention from prevailing security risks such as global terrorism which have by no means gone away. In fact, in bringing economies and societies to their knees, the current pandemic must be assumed to provide terrorist groups with useful intelligence and insight into where our immediate weaknesses lie.  

At the same time, terrorists are not the only threat actors operating in our security space – criminals and social dissenters also harm our well-being. They exploit similar disruptive technological innovations to achieve their respective ends. These considerations amount to an increasingly complex and rapidly evolving landscape. Clearly then, our doctrines and response capabilities must catch up to mitigate the impact of these security risks to the extent that allows governments, businesses and societies to bounce back as quickly as possible.  

Join in this exclusive ASIS webinar to learn more about an update and short-term forecast on the security risk landscape in terms of the threats and vulnerabilities, with an emphasis on terrorism.  

The Next Wave of Terrorism and Security Risks: What to Expect 

Speaker Profile:
Dr Graham Ong-Webb is an Adjunct Fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) at the Nanyang Technological University. He is also Vice President, Head of the Future Technology Centre, at Singapore Technologies (ST) Engineering, which is Asia’s largest defence and engineering group. 

Previously, Graham was a full-time Research Fellow at RSIS where he resided at the Executive Deputy Chairman’s Office covering the Future Issues and Technology portfolio. Prior to RSIS, Dr Graham was Chief Operating Officer at Future-Moves Group, Senior Consultant with Control Risks Group, and Managing Editor (and Research Analyst) at Jane’s by IHS Markit.  

Friday 25 Sep 2020, 1500 hrs – 1600 hrs 

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It will be a value-packed presentation and we look forward to your participation in this webinar.  

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