Dear Members,

ASIS International (Singapore Chapter) will hold our e-AGM on Friday, 27 November 2020 at 1800hrs via Zoom. The agenda will be as follows:

  • Confirmation of 2019 AGM Minutes of Meeting
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Secretary’s Report
  • Proposed amendment to Constitution
  • Financial Report
  • Election of Office Holders
  • AOB

Please note that following this 3rd notification, you will receive a separate email from the Secretariat. In the email are the zoom link with instructions to register your attendance for the e-AGM. Once you have registered, you will receive a personalised link to attend the e-AGM. You can enter the e-AGM platform from 1730hrs onwards on the day of the e-AGM. 

If you are unable to attend and will like to nominate a proxy to attend on your behalf, you can complete the proxy form and email to latest by 2359hrs of 24 November 2020.

Financial Statement

Please find a copy of the Statement of Financial Activities duly endorsed by Chairperson, Treasurer and the 2 Internal Auditors.

Proposed Changes to Constitution

The Management Committee will like to propose making the following amendments to para 30 of the Constitution. Please refer to the proposed amendment below in red.

30. The Management Committee is the governing body for the Society. The duty of the Management committee is to organise and supervise the daily activities of the Society and to make decisions on matters affecting its running when the general meeting is not sitting. It may not act contrary to the expressed wishes of the general meeting without prior reference to it and always remains subordinate to the general meetings.

The reason for this amendment is to provide greater clarity that the Management Committee is indeed the governing body of the Association. The potential for confusion arises because the ASIS Chapter Officer Handbook provides that:

“The chapter executive committee will be composed of the Chapter Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The chapter executive committee is the governing body which oversees the chapter’s smooth operation during and between meetings.”

Read in this light, ASIS Chapter Officer Handbook suggests that the Chapter’s Executive Committee is the governing body, whereas in reality, the 12-member Management Committee is the governing body based on the local Constitution. Therefore, to provide clarity, especially for future Management Committees, it is proposed to make this amendment to the Constitution.  

Other Reference Documents

Lastly, the documents from the 2019 AGM can be found in these links:

– Minutes of AGM 2019
– Secretary’s Report 2019
– Financial Report 2019

Thank you.