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This is a survey brought to you by Business Continuity Planning Asia. BCP Asia is conducting a Survey on Organizational Resilience in Companies within APAC that aims to show insight and start discussions on Organisational Resilience within APAC region. This will also serve as an Organisational Resilience benchmark against other organizations within the region. All respondents will be able to receive a copy of the final report, targeting to be completed by the end of this year.

Where does your Company stand in the Organisational Resilience chart?
Take the survey now to find out! Survey ends on 31 October 2021.
All respondents will receive the detailed survey report. 

Organizations must be resilient in order to sustain impact through good times and bad. A resilient organization is not just one that will ‘bounce back’ after a crisis. It is one that can continue to operate with high effectiveness even when faced with a crisis. This survey is intended to gauge your views of these conditions within your organization and help you benchmark against other organizations within the region.

Your responses to this Survey will provide an insight into the understanding of Organizational Resilience as a whole, with Organizational Resilience being a relatively new concept in the APAC region.

If you have taken the survey, please spread the word to your peers as well – we want to hear from everyone.

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