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It is human nature to keep things the same… how many people walk into their favorite restaurant and order the same thing every time?

It also applies to recruitment and people management.

Some barriers to diversity, equity and inclusion will be presented, such as Networking/ Access, “Mini me” syndrome, Prototype and Stereotype, micro-advantages and micro-disadvantages.

Conscious bias is blatant discrimination. Unconscious bias is more of “fast thinking”. Here are the most common ones: conformity, beauty, affinity, halo/horn, contrast, recency, intuition.

How to minimize biases: it’s all starts with self-awareness. And then we can use tools such as: set specific criteria, structure interviews, take copious notes, use of Artificial Intelligence and increase accountability.

3 Learning Objectives:
–       Get understanding about most common biases and barriers to diversity, equity and inclusion
–       Be aware of your own biases when recruiting and managing people
–       How to identify biases and how to avoid them

Are you Biased? I am Biased. Biases in Recruitment and in People Management.

Speaker Profile:

Marie-Helene MANSARD – APAC Director of Business Development at Axis

Marie-Helene is the Axis Business Development Director for the all Asia Pacific region, with a focus on developing new business targeting 50% growth per year. Prior to joining Axis, Marie-Helene held several global leadership positions in aerospace, defence, energy and IT Systems industries. She develops strong skills in high tech systems, products and services in Safety and Security, Information Systems and Cyber-security. She served as Director of Sales, also of Marketing, Consulting and Business Unit Director, in businesses related to Smart Cities, Air Surveillance, Critical Infrastructure Security, Big Data, Control and Command Systems, Asset and Product Life Cycle Management. Based in Singapore, she is a seasoned leader with relevant experience of European and Asian markets. She spends her free time travelling across Asia (before COVID!), and practising yoga and meditation.

Friday 10 December 2021, 1700 hrs – 1800 hrs (local time)

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